Meet The Team

As the 2022 NHL Draft coverage begins, so does DraftingHockey!

Our group of scouts hopes to bring knowledge and thoughtful opinions to our followers, as well as anyone looking to learn about the future of the sport of hockey. Our team is currently comprised of 7 writers:

Josh Glazer: Head scout and co-owner of DraftingHockey on Instagram, Josh has been learning about the scouting process and striving to take a more hands on approach since the age of 15. With previous positions with multiple different outlets, he's excited to take the next step and kickstart a new team in anticipation for the upcoming draft.

Twitter: @jglazer9

Josh Simpson: A crossover scout whose expertise will be appreciated in every area. Working with multiple teams in hockey since a young age, Josh has learned a lot from others and has experience as a writer along with a passion for the developmental aspect of hockey. On top of discussing Leafs prospects on Twitter, he'll now put his knowledge to broader use, covering 2022 Draft Eligibles all over the world. He is also a co-owner of DraftingHockey.

Twitter: @joshsimpson77

Kyle Makaric: An Ontario split-scout, Kyle will be focused on the OHL with other responsibilities as a video scout in Western Canada and parts of Europe. He is an assistant coach for the Windsor Lancers, with previous coaching experience in Midget AAA and Jr. B. A Certified PEP Trainer, Kyle trains players of all skill levels, as well as having played in Jr. B and University himself. Working in scouting departments on the same teams he coaches, he has gained invaluable experience already.

Twitter: @kyle_makaric

Dave Horne: Our other Ontario split-scout, Dave will have the same responsibilities as Kyle. Dave is the head coach of the U1 AAA Kitchener Jr. Rangers, and is a skill coach for U18 players in Kitchener. He has traveled to multiple World Junior Championships, and brings a wide array of different skills to the team.

Twitter: @CoachDHorne

William Couture: While William does not have any official experience scouting, he has a deep knowledge of the scouting process having learned through others and practicing in his spare time. He will assume the role of Quebec regional scout, and will mostly discuss the top QMJHL prospects.

Twitter: @Will_Couture

Niklas Karlsson: Based in Sweden, Niklas has connections in the country and will be able to scout the best Swedish talent in person for the 2021-22 season. His regional expertise will be critical in our ability to better inform our readers of the talent in his home country.

Twitter: @NiclasK72

While our team is starting to take shape, we're still looking for people to fill positions in the US, Western Canada, Finland, and Russia. If you're interesting, feel free to dm us on Instagram/Twitter, or contact us directly from this website!

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